Cauliflower can be grown and harvested fresh all year round using different varieties. As well as conventional white-headed types there are also varities with purple orange and green heads. Spacing the rows out allows the head to grow to full size or grow densely in containers to produce ‘mini’ cauliflowers. Can produce very high yields if given enough food and water.

Florets can be eaten raw, used in stir fry, bolied as veg. Try boiled florets with cheese sauce – yum one of my favourites.

Here are details about planting harvest etc

Plant Care Details
Common Name Cauliflower
Date for Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Planting – Inside            
Planting – Outside                        
Suitable for: Beds or Containers
Sowing Depth (cm) 2
Seed Spacing (cm) Sow thinly, thin seedlings as required
Plant Spacing (cm) Thin to 60 cm if want full size heads
Rows 3 metre (10ft) 5-6 plants 30 cm 1(2in) apart
Container 40 cm diameter 8 plants in each
Row Spacing (cm) 60 cm

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