Also called Calabrese. Are very similar to cauliflower – just different varities of the same plant. Florets can be used in stir fry, bolied as veg. Try boiled florets with cheese sauce. Homegrown crops will produce much tastier tender florets than those you can buy in the shops. Performs well from outdoor summer sowings.

Here are details about planting harvest etc

Plant Care Details
Common Name Broccoli or Calabrese
Date for Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Planting – Inside
Planting – Outside
Suitable for: Beds
Sowing Depth (cm) 2
Seed Spacing (cm) Sow cluster of seeds every 20cm thin to strongest
Plant Spacing (cm) 40
Rows 3 metre (10ft) 8 plants
Container 40 cm diameter Not suitable for containers
Row Spacing (cm) 60 cm

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