Broad Beans


A must grow, these small tender beans grown yourself picked and eaten fresh from the plant just don’t compare to shop bought ones.

They are also one fo the first vegtables to harvest in spring, making them a good choice for small plots as they can soon be repalced with something elses. They can, if space is limited, also be grown in pots.

Here are details about planting harvest etc

Plant Care Details
Common Name Broad Beans
Date for Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Planting – Inside            
Planting – Outside                        
Suitable for: Beds and Containers
Sowing Depth (cm) 5
Seed Spacing (cm) 25
Plant Spacing (cm) 25
Rows 3 metre (10ft) 12 plants 25cm (10in) apart
Container 40 cm diameter 4 plants
Row Spacing (cm) 45 cm

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