Discovering Learning in sustainable Food Production for New Curriculum Sept 2014

For the new curriculum starting Sept 2014 we offer a complete integrated learning package based around farming, growing and food production – read more about the Discovering-Our-Countryside Complete Learning Package how you can see a sample or register for a free trial

How Grow2Educate can enhance your pupils learning.
You don’t have to travel to see one of the wonders of nature – plant a seed watch a plant grow apparently from nothing, then enjoying the food it can produce can be done at home, on a window sill, patio or back garden.

Do this with children for the first time and get the added benefit of knowing you are starting them on the road to a healthy balanced diet as they are keen to try the tomatoes, peas, sweet corn, carrots and even sprouts they have grown themselves.

Follow Grow2Educate and we will help you do this and embed this in your classroom throughout the seasonal calendar that is growing your own.